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Behind the scenes – Workflow debugging

I was trying debug an error in a workflow created by someone. This particular workflow was failing validation and giving a very odd message given below:

Validation failed for the workflow process ‘Customer Inquiry WF: 1’ for the branch ‘Y3’ The ‘WF Branch Criteria Value’ – field such as LO_.. or HI_.. for the respective data type is null or empty.

Since this was around a 30 step workflow in which no proper naming convention was followed (at least 5 connectors were named Y). The error message also didn’t mention any step name to make things easier. As the error message mentioned ‘WF Branch Criteria Value’ I assumed it must be some condition in a decision step. Looking at decision steps didn’t help either and everything seemed in order. So, before moving to the last resort of either deleting all the decision steps and recreating them I decided to do some digging.
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