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Debugging techniques with Google Chrome – Siebel Open UI

Who ever has experience with Open UI must have understood by now that it is very difficult to debug even a moderately complex code in PM/PR using traditional methods. The most common and simplest technique to debug Javascript code is putting SiebelJS.Log/console.log/alert at various points to check state/status of function/variables in Developer Tools console to… Continue Reading

List Applet scroll using mouse wheel – Siebel Open UI

I was going through Open UI themes a really nice site dedicated to paid themes and plugins for Siebel Open UI. While browsing the plugin section I came across a plugin that was titled Auto-Scroller Plugin. The description said that it allows you to navigate through list applet (Next Page, Previous Page, Next Record ,… Continue Reading

Siebel Open UI – Useful JavaScript tips

We are moving away from eScript and going towards JavaScript and in future you will be writing more code in JavaScript than in eScript. I believe that eventually Oracle will dump eScript and move to pure JavaScript since it is better, faster and leaner than eScript. It becomes really important that we understand small nuisance… Continue Reading

Siebel Open UI – Modify Calendar control

As I had said in my initial post about Siebel Open UI that it has a long way to go when it comes to real project implementation. This post is provides another example reaffirming my opinion. Oracle has gone ahead and replaced the Active X calendar control and legacy SI calendar control with jQuery calendar… Continue Reading