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Elastic List Applets @ IP 2015

Before you start wondering, I have not accidentally written 2016 as 2015 in the title. If you are following the Siebel Updates then you would by now know that as part of IP 2016 Oracle is introducing a feature called Elastic List Applets. So, for people who haven’t heard about it here is some background.

Traditionally Siebel List Applets have some blank space allocated to their structure even if there are no records are present in the applet (screenshot). This space doesn’t serve any functional purpose except for hoarding screen real estate. Continue Reading

siebelhub JavaScript library – reworked solution

Downloaded siebelhub library published by @lex and had a look at the code. It is fantastic piece of coding with modularized code and well-structured functions. It also helps in understanding basic JavaScript concepts required for Siebel OpenUI development. The best part was the way to dynamically attach custom functions with PM events such as Field… Continue Reading

Web Notifications – Making Siebel Notifications better

Web Notifications is little known feature that allows websites to display desktop style notification based on user permissions. Now it is extensively used by websites such as New Sites, What’s app web to display desktop style notifications. When I came across this feature the thought that immediately that came to my mind was can this… Continue Reading

Debugger to the rescue for global js files – IP2015

Guess what, I am working on OpenUI again and it feels really good. I recently, got an opportunity to work on IP 2015 and developing some really cool functionalities (Favorites, Broadcast Message Bar etc) as part of project. A lot of things have changed as compared to, PM’s & PR’s have become more structured.… Continue Reading

Tooltips makover – Siebel Open UI

Few weeks back I had published a post that showcased how you can use power of Siebel Open UI to actually implement tooltips for fields in List and Form applets in truly SRF independent way. If you haven’t gone through the post I would suggest doing that before continuing. You will also be able to… Continue Reading