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Siebel EAI and Performance of Child Object updates

This post has been submitted by Sachin V Rao reader of Siebel Unleashed.

I would like to share a learning which I have had on a performance topic in Siebel EAI. We all would have worked on scenarios of updating Object hierarchy that is parent child relationship using EAI Siebel Adapter in our projects. Most of the time the number of records in child is in the range of 10-50 or 100 – 1000. But in my experience I came across scenario where we used to get updates for 1-2 records for a child component, where parent could have the record count in the range of 100k to 500k. This is very true for retail industry, which can have large assortments of products and they all are grouped under 1 price list. Continue Reading

Connecting Siebel business layer from PL/SQL procedures

This article has been shared by Biswaroop Ghosh, a friend of mine having expertise in Unix System Administration and Oracle DB. We have all been there, where it seems like a good idea to just write something directly at a database layer rather than going through so many hoops of business components, joins, links etc… Continue Reading