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Siebel SWSE Stats to identify performance issue

Siebel SWSE Stats to identify performance issue

Yesterday came across this Oracle support Article Doc ID 478027.1 while trying to debug performance issue. This article provide details about Stats.swe page that can help you provide valuable information to troubleshoot some hang issues with the application.

To visit the stats page you need to open following URL


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Connecting Siebel business layer from PL/SQL procedures

This article has been shared by Biswaroop Ghosh, a friend of mine having expertise in Unix System Administration and Oracle DB. We have all been there, where it seems like a good idea to just write something directly at a database layer rather than going through so many hoops of business components, joins, links etc… Continue Reading

Making Standard Interactivity Application work across browser

The biggest feature of a SI application is that it works across browsers and not restricted to just IE. Unfortunately a SI application works only on IE Out of Box (OOB). You have to configure it to work for other browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Chrome. This configuration needs to be performed in Administration… Continue Reading

Change default email profile for Workflow Policy

This post discusses about various ways to send email in Siebel and the mechanism used by Siebel to actually send these email out based on a question asked to me by a user. There are two ways to send email in Siebel. Outbound Communications Manager Business Service Workflow Policy Program When we send email using… Continue Reading