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Dynamically Show-Hide UI controls in Product Configurator

Sharad Surav has come back as he promised with the next post of showing and hiding thing dynamically using User Properties in product configurator. I hope everybody finds this post really useful

Dynamic User properties allows us to

  1. Show or Hide UI controls for product such as relationships, groups, products, tabs, attributes, linked items or resources.
  2. Make User Interface controls read-only
  3. Show or hide images, based on the choices that the user makes in Siebel Configurator.

Requirement: Based on the Product selected by the user, set of attributes should be hidden. Continue Reading

Display Static images in Product Configurator

This post has been contributed by Sharad Saurav. In this post he describes how can we add static images to the various products in Product Configurator. Requirement: Display static Image for Product and Relationship in Product Configuration Screen Solution: Configure the Pre-Defined UI Properties and place the image in the Server. Pre-defined UI Properties: Below… Continue Reading

Product Configurator – Part 2

In this post we will go through important terms used in Product Configurator before we actually start working on products and product configurator. Attributes: Properties of a product which help in describing a product such as color, weight, height. Sub Products/Components: A Product which is a part of a Complex product example mouse or keyboard which… Continue Reading

Product Configurator – GrandChild view

I am back as promised with a PDF file explaining the process of creating a grandchild display for Product Configurator. This PDF has been provided by Abhishek who is working in siebel for past 3 years and currently leading a team. Reference for the same process can be found  in Product Admin bookshelf. Click on the link below to download… Continue Reading