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Oracle why you do not think about Siebel Tools?

Innovation Pack 2012 that was release in December last year introduced the greatest feature set introduced in Siebel Space in last 5-6 years. But it seems they forgot Siebel Tools altogether in excitement. Don’t believe me? Here is why I feel that:

Siebel Open UI uses set of brand new web templates, javascript and jQuery based plug-ins to achieve browser independence. Which makes Siebel Web Templates really important for Siebel development. Now let’s discuss both points from Siebel Tools perspective.

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Oracle integrates CRM On Demand with Siebel

I read an article at today which was discussing oracle strategy for countering increasing reach in CRM On Demand space. It is always good to remain informed and updated as I read somewhere few days ago “The day you stop upgrading your skills is the day you have actually started shrinking them” Also whatever I… Continue Reading