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Config Assist Tool – Framework

This article has been submitted by Sachin V Rao a reader of SiebelUnleashed. In this article he explains about a Configuration assist framework (I assume which he developed) that can help us to enforce some standards while doing configuration in Siebel Tools. It is a pretty interesting concept that we know has already been implemented by way of screenshots. Unfortunately he hasn’t shared any objects that can help us to implement but he has given enough details to get started on our own implementation. I would like to thank Sachin for sharing something new with us.

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Why include jQuery in Siebel SI Implementation?

Let me present the answer to question Why jQuery with help of few examples: Example 1: You have a Siebel SI implementation and you allow users to create service requests from your application. User hits create button after entering all the required information. It takes around 4-5 seconds for transaction to complete and user taken… Continue Reading