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Siebel eScript examples and solutions

Multiple Popup Applets-Siebel eScript

This article has been submitted by Atit Shah.


There are two buttons on an List Applet: Button1 and Button2. We need to open a two different popup applet on click of each of these buttons.Of these popup applets, o

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ne is based on a normal BC and other on a VBC. The enabling/disabling conditions of these buttons are different. Continue Reading

eService Siebel Standard Interactivity Application

For the first time in my career I had chance to work on eService a Siebel Standard Interactivity Application. I must say that I am not liking what I see. Since it is a customer facing application it requires extensive modifications to blend in with existing web applications (if any). UI has always been weakest… Continue Reading

Calling a batch file or a PL/SQL statement in Siebel eScript

This article has been contributed by Prashant Jha. In this article he explains use of Clib.system function to execute processes outside Siebel. Here is another interesting requirement wherein we are automating the complete process. We need to call the Batch file during the course of a workflow. The client wants to run some extracts on… Continue Reading