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Siebel Open Variable Analyzer

In the last post we discussed about causes and possible remedies of Memory leaks in Siebel and I gave an overview of the utility that Timur Vafin has created with a combination of SQL queries and perl script to actually go through the scripts and find out variables and object that have not been destroyed. In this post I intend to give details about the utility and how to make it work.

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How to use Siebel Forum?

I have received several queries and emails where people have said that they would like to post certain things in Siebel Unleashed Forum but they don’t know how? I have already explained earlier why using Siebel Unleashed Forum to post problems is a better idea then sending them in email to me or putting it… Continue Reading

New Look @ Siebel Unleashed

Hi Friends, If you had opened Siebel Unleashed today I am sure you would have had pleasant surprise. As, I have mentioned earlier and now again. I am always striving to make Siebel Unleashed better and providing better user experience for readers of Siebel Unleashed. In that endeavor I present you a better, simple and… Continue Reading