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Real life Siebel Requirements and Solutions discussed.

Exporting the data from Siebel Database to CSV file

This article has been contributed by Prashant Jha. In this article he explains scriptless solution for a seemingly complex requirement and demonstrates a great example of Siebel EAI in action.

Here is a requirement wherein we need to export data from Siebel DB to an external system in a CSV file Format. As soon as we hear this the first thing that comes into our mind is SQL developer. We can easily run a select query and extract the records and then export in any format we want. But what if the client wants only Siebel ways to do this? For exporting data into CSV file Siebel does not provide any Out-of-Box Business Service which can complete my task. To accomplish this requirement we have two ways:

  1. Using EBC to populate data into an external table from which we can schedule a job which exports data into CSV (Almost the SQL developer way. Just that we are not extracting directly from Siebel tables.)
  2. Using a Workflow that employs Out Of Box (OOB) business service to accomplish this.

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Time difference in calculated fields

A user sent me a requirement today which I found interesting (to be honest a bit easy which I could complete and test quickly),  but this is a common requirement and can be daunting for a Siebel newbie. So thought of posting the solution for everybody. Requirement: When a Service Request is created the default status… Continue Reading

SortSpec + Expressions = Performance Issue

This post is about another performance issue I worked upon recently. A particular transaction (button click) was taking around 15-20 seconds to complete and I was asked to see if there is any scope of improvement and try to gain at least 5 seconds from it. As I had mentioned when it comes to performance… Continue Reading

Extracting and SFTP Siebel attachment

Recently I worked on a simple yet different type of integration. The requirement statement of integration was pretty simple.  Requirement:  When a Service Request is closed then attachments of that SR should be extracted and sent to a different application though SFTP.  The interesting part in this requirement was SFTP part as I had never done that… Continue Reading