Business Service Simulator – Video Tutorial

With this post I am trying something new on this blog. This is first post of who knows how many, depending on the response I get from this I will try to add as much as I can.

In the last post I said I will show you how you can use business service simulator to avoid creating workflows or eScript to go test complete business process flow. When I said “show you”, I literally meant it. Below you can see a video of me going through the steps for the same.

To summarize here is what I am trying to do in video:

  • Use EAI Siebel AdapterQuery method and query for a particular account using vanilla Account IO
  • Pass the Output of EAI Siebel Adapter to EAI Integration Object to XML Hierarchy Business Service
  • Convert this Siebel Message into XML Hierarchy
  • The write this XML Hierarchy to a File using EAI XML Write to File Business Service

Before you go ahead and watch video here is some things that you should know

  • There is no voice in video (I am working on one with voice version)
  • The quality is not that good (Fixed the Quality issue)

You, might ask that why did I post this video if quality is not good and it is probably of no use. The answer to the question is:

Creating Video Tutorials require lot of effort (especially the one’s with voice). Creating this low quality video also took almost 3-4 days of finding right tools to put this thogether. I want to get feedback from you guy’s about my attempt before going ahead full blown on this.

So, watch this video and provide your honest feedback (I am ready for bad one also 🙂 ) and ideas. Depending on the demand and encouragement I will take the next step.

Go Ahead and enjoy my little creation. Eagerly waiting for your comments.

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