Bookmarking siebel tools object

Bookmarks are a functionality provided in Siebel tools which is pretty similar to what hyperlinks do in HTML. This is a pretty common functionality but I haven’t seen many people use it. It can help you to save your development time.

I will try to explain with example:

You are given a CR (Change Request) to develop which involves changing 5 applets, 2 BC’s, 1 Business Service and a workflow.

So what we usually do is :

  • Query for that applet
  • Make a change, Compile it and then test it.
  • Then query for another Applet and other objects perform similar operation on them and re-query if any change is required.

So, that would essentially mean that you are going to query for same objects again and again and shuffling between objects using object explorer.

Here is what I do.

  • Query for all the applets add them as bookmarks
  • Query for BC’s and workflows add them as bookmarks

Now whenever I need a particular object I just click on the bookmark name and reach that object.

The steps to add any object as book mark are as following

  1. Query for the object
  2. Click on the show bookmarks symbol shown below
    Siebel tools bookmarks show bookmark window
  3. This will open a bookmark window below object explorer window
  4. Now click on “Add Bookmark” symbol shown below
    Siebel Tools Add Bookmark icon symbol
  5. Give a name to bookmark or accept the default name
    Your bookmark is now added

Whenever you need to go to that object just click on the bookmark and you will be taken to that object. After you are done with your development just delete the old bookmarks and add new according to your requirement.

Bookmarks can have many uses such as book marking a business service that you use very often and many more.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Good Material explainig in detail regarding the use of bookmark to a developer from time point of view.

  2. Hi, good article!I have a question, where the bookmarks are stored? in dbf? i wish to save in group of projects .
    Thank you

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