Behind the scenes – Workflow debugging

I was trying debug an error in a workflow created by someone. This particular workflow was failing validation and giving a very odd message given below:

Validation failed for the workflow process ‘Customer Inquiry WF: 1’ for the branch ‘Y3’ The ‘WF Branch Criteria Value’ – field such as LO_.. or HI_.. for the respective data type is null or empty.

Since this was around a 30 step workflow in which no proper naming convention was followed (at least 5 connectors were named Y). The error message also didn’t mention any step name to make things easier. As the error message mentioned ‘WF Branch Criteria Value’ I assumed it must be some condition in a decision step. Looking at decision steps didn’t help either and everything seemed in order. So, before moving to the last resort of either deleting all the decision steps and recreating them I decided to do some digging.

So, to find exact step name I went behind the scenes created the following query to get a simplified data for the workflow.

select “Workflow Name”, “Step Name”,
s.type_cd “Step Type”, “Branch Name”, “Condition Name”, “Condition Value Name”
from siebel.S_WFR_STP s,
siebel.S_WFR_PROC w,
siebel.S_WFR_STP_BRNCH b,
siebel.S_WFR_COND_CRIT c,
siebel.S_WFR_COND_VAL vl
where w.row_id = ‘1-22M8QD’
and s.process_id = w.row_id
and b.step_id = s.row_id
and c.branch_id = b.row_id
and vl.cond_crit_id = c.row_id

This gave me the culprit step and the connector name and only after deleting and recreating the particular connector the error message went away. I stil couldn’t figure the actual root cause of the error and I guess probably some thing got messed up during deployment. As this was an unusual thing that I encountered, I figured this might help someone else also.

Anybody else faced something like this ? Comments welcome!

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    • As I mentioned, coudln’t really figure out the root cause.The error mentioned that internal fields of siebel workflow such as LO_CHARn which hold the condition values were null but on UI everything seemed OK. So, I assumed that during the deployment something might have happened causing it.

    • I faced this error message it happens when u create a connector but can’t actually see it an editor or you copy a connector. Deleting and recreating the connectors solve the issues.Didn’t try this query but will try next time 🙂

    from siebel.s_wfr_proc T1,
    siebel.s_wfr_stp T2,
    siebel.s_wfr_stp_brnch T3,
    siebel.s_wfr_cond_crit T4
    where T1.row_id = T2.process_id
    and T2.row_id = T3.step_id
    and T3.row_id = T4.branch_id
    and T1.row_id = ‘Row Id of the workflow’;

    You will get the exact Connector name o delete.

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