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Constraining the Siebel PickList

This post has been contributed by Amol Tondon. 

In this post we will discuss about constraining a Pick List. As it is quite clear from the title that we are trying restrict the values in a pick list based on certain constraints. It is best to explain with the help of a requirement.


  • Two fields having 2 Picklists
    Country and State
  • Based on country selected in country Picklist, only state corresponding to that country should be displayed in state Picklist

For example
  Country = US then State Picklist should display only Ohio, Georgia, Texas
  Country = India then State Picklist should display M.P, U.P, A.P, Delhi etc

This post assumes that you have already created two Picklists and configured them properly. Coverage of Picklist configuration is not in scope of this post but if you need let me know I will be more than happy to include in my next posts

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