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A lot of people have asked me this question or a variation of this question which goes like. How do I learn Open UI? How do I start with Open UI? I want to learn Siebel Open UI, should I start with bookshelf? You get the drift. I thought it might help to share the answer that I give them. My Answer: Learning Open UI is bit different from traditional Siebel. In normal circumstances one would be asked to read bookshelf or visit Siebel Essentials or Siebel Unleashed ;) to learn Siebel but not in case Open UI (although that would [more]
Luckily I got a chance to work on a Siebel Open UI project (now you know the reason for my absence). As we already know there is lot of difference in doing a POC and implementing real business requirements. When I came to know about the requirements for this project, I knew it is something that has never been done before and if successful Open UI would have crossed a major milestone at least in my eyes i.e from a Concept to a real technology that can be used for real projects. (more…) [more]
This article has been submitted by Prashant Varshney reader of Siebel Unleashed. Requirement: Check the ownership of a record on which user is working and based on ownership, BC record should be either editable or read-only. Ownership means the record on which user is working is either assigned to user or user is the manager of that record. This kind of requirement usually exist in a scenario where it is required to give both My and All views to one responsibility and it is required that the records on which user has access can only be editable to the user, [more]
We recently patched our environment to Siebel and started getting following error while trying to export workflow process records in Siebel Tools. Error writing XML to file 'D:\2-N93ZIX.xml'. (SBL-EAI-04262) File could not be created as the directory specified for the file creation is not valid.(SBL-EAI-50228) (more…) [more]
Custom Expand Collapse Applet – Siebel Open UI
As promised in the last post, I am back with the Expand/Collapse Functionality implemented in custom way. But as expected the implementation is bit more complex than vanilla functionality and involves customizing View Web Templates. The basic idea for this solution is to enclose the applet inside a custom div and then use jQuery to derive the expand collapse functionality. Before diving into the solution I would like to share few advantages/disadvantages of implementing expand/collapse functionality in custom way. Advantages You can group applets into section and make multiple applets expand and collapse together You can customize [more]
Expand – Collapse Siebel Applet – Siebel Open UI
You must have seen lots of web apps where you are able to collapse a section of website by clicking on a plus icon or something similar to that. So, not waiting further I dived right in and started researching how we can do that in Siebel Open UI. First I tried to find the a jQuery plugin that will help me accomplish that but that seemed too much for this type functionality. After further research the solution that I found was too simple to implement in Siebel 2013 Innovation Pack (Siebel The Solution in turned out to be just couple [more]

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