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This article has been contributed by Gururaj Basavaraj a reader of Siebel Unleashed. If you are in IP2013 you might be having problem search on home page by pressing enter key instead of Go click. For that below is the PR code, associate this to all home page search applets. [more]
Config Assist Tool – Framework
This article has been submitted by Sachin V Rao a reader of SiebelUnleashed. In this article he explains about a Configuration assist framework (I assume which he developed) that can help us to enforce some standards while doing configuration in Siebel Tools. It is a pretty interesting concept that we know has already been implemented by way of screenshots. Unfortunately he hasn't shared any objects that can help us to implement but he has given enough details to get started on our own implementation. I would like to thank Sachin for sharing something new with us. (more…) [more]
I am pretty sure many of you have this question in mind why Siebel Unleashed suddenly stopped updating. This explanation should have come long time back and I owe you guys an apology for absconding without any proper explanation.  I started this post several times but just couldn’t find the right words to explain what was happening but as they say better late than never here is the crux. (more…) [more]
Open UI – IP 2014 finally – component version problem solved!
It’s been almost a month since the IP 2014 was released. I downloaded it on the same day and installed it on the next day so, you might be wondering why this post took so long. Well, it was a combination of work overload and actually not being able to get IP 2014 to work. After the usual steps of downloading JAR, creating install image and going through the install process, I started getting below error. "Error: versions of installed components do not match (wanted version:, actual version: ENU )" (more…) [more]
Siebel Open UI annoying message on popup close
We recently upgraded to Patchset 11 as it promised improvement in performance up to 35% (in some areas) along with other things but after upgrading we encountered a really weird functionality (seems like a bug). After applying the patch if you try to close any popup using “X” button then you get another popup saying “Click OK to discard unsaved data and close all popups.” (more…) [more]
Tooltips makover – Siebel Open UI
Few weeks back I had published a post that showcased how you can use power of Siebel Open UI to actually implement tooltips for fields in List and Form applets in truly SRF independent way. If you haven’t gone through the post I would suggest doing that before continuing. You will also be able to see it in action next year in first ever Siebel Open UI book published by packt along with several other advanced example that allow to fully understand and use power of Open UI for creating truly wonderful User Experience. So, don't forget to get [more]

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