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Fixing Textarea in Siebel Open UI
In Siebel HI application all the description fields or the fields that were suppose to hold large amount of data (controls with HTML Type as “TextArea”) you would see an icon on the side of the field.Clicking on that icon opens up a popup allows you to view and edit the text in the field.                     (more…) [more]
Writing script on client side in Siebel is a nightmare. In the name of IDE we only a text area where we have to write the code. Here are some of the major problems that I see with this Formatting is a real pain as the only way to indent the code is spaces. Hitting tab key will take focus out of text area. There is no intellisense or syntax highlighting Debugging is a pain. While thinking about use cases of Siebel Open UI I wondered if there is any way we can fix these problems. After doing some analysis [more]
I have gotten so many comments requesting the Siebel Inbound & Outbound Web Service PPT that I had created in past. The PPT outlines the basic steps that needs to be followed to create Outbound and Inbound Web Services in Siebel. The link in the original post was hosted on external file sharing website that is no longer available. The good news is that after searching through my really old archives I was able to find the PPT. So, based on public demand here is the link hosted on Siebel Unleashed itself so that It doesn’t expires in the [more]
I couldn’t not stop laughing when I read when I read @lex’s post “What Open UI does for you – and what not”. Those were some really funny but true lines and I couldn’t agree more with him.  Here is some of the excerpts from his post. Open UI does NOT teach you good manners: That you have to do yourself. What I have seen often is that when Open UI is introduced in a project, everyone gets so excited that all 'good manners' are thrown overboard. Business process analysis? Requirements mapping? Design? Source control? Forget it, we've [more]
Finding lost watch window in Siebel Tools
This might seem like strange title but it is apt for the problem that I am going to describe in this post. Few days back suddenly I lost my watch window in Siebel Tools. I didn’t matter what I tried I just couldn’t get it to open. After a bit of search online I realized that I was not alone who was suffering from this problem. There were several blogs and website that had mention to this problem. The usual solution described were Hide the taskbar and try to locate the window from behind it or try to [more]
Imagine that you have a view where you have several form applets stacked vertically. You would like to allow users to be able to navigate from top to bottom using keyboard (Tab Key). Where you would like to skip read only fields, mvg fields and some other fields. This requirement is not possible in using normal field indexing capability provided by Siebel in Siebel Tools. I had this type of situation and I came up with a small piece of code when plugged in View PR would add Tab Index attributes to the form fields that are active and allow [more]

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