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We are moving away from eScript and going towards JavaScript and in future you will be writing more code in JavaScript than in eScript. I believe that eventually Oracle will dump eScript and move to pure JavaScript since it is better, faster and leaner than eScript. It becomes really important that we understand small nuisance and behavior of  JavaScript early in order write better and efficient code. In this post I am sharing few tips/tricks/useful functions that I picked from internet and my experience of working with JavaScript which. I believe these are really important/useful and will [more]
Siebel Open UI – Modify Calendar control
As I had said in my initial post about Siebel Open UI that it has a long way to go when it comes to real project implementation. This post is provides another example reaffirming my opinion. Oracle has gone ahead and replaced the Active X calendar control and legacy SI calendar control with jQuery calendar control. Unlike Active X calendar control that could be customized using user and system preferences they have provided no documentation or way to customize the jQuery based calendar control. We were asked by the client to make the changes to calendar and make Monday as [more]
Siebel Open UI – MouseOver Tooltips – Solution details
In this post I will explain the details of the solution to implement Mouse Over tooltips in Siebel UI using View PR. This was inspired by Jason’s article posted almost an year ago and some of the code has been used as it was provided in the post. So, I would like to thank Jason for sharing the approach and initial code, with us to make it possible. There are two part to the solution. Tooltip Data View PR So, Lets get started. (more…) [more]
Jason posted an article explaining how to implement Mouse Over tooltips in Siebel Open UI almost an year ago. Unfortunately I was not able to get that working due to issues with qTip plugin. A lot has changed since then so, I decided to give tooltips one more try using the vanilla tooltip functionality that comes with jQuery UI. The architecture is essentially same with few key differences that are: No plugins used (vanilla jquery ui tooltips functionality) No PostLoad.js hacking. (View PR) Use JSON format to store tooltip data. (more…) [more]
In last post we learnt how to bind a click event to a image on the form applet. This will work on any control on form applet as long as you have right selectors but this trick will fail in the list applet as the column is repeated for each row which means you cannot just use one selector for every row.In this post I will show you how to bind a click event for a column in each row. Requirement: On click of a Opportunity Status in list applet a confirm dialog should popup asking if you want [more]
This is the final part of the a case study involving newly introduced Siebel Open UI’s AI object and Block UI jQuery plugin. In the last part of the series we will see how to attach a click event to a image control and trigger the search functionality. I wouldn’t go into details of how to get an image on the applet the way the video shows. All I can tell you is that we created a new web template and added specific id and classes to image control inside the template to make our jQuery selectors simple. ( [more]

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