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I couldn’t not stop laughing when I read when I read @lex’s post “What Open UI does for you – and what not”. Those were some really funny but true lines and I couldn’t agree more with him.  Here is some of the excerpts from his post. Open UI does NOT teach you good manners: That you have to do yourself. What I have seen often is that when Open UI is introduced in a project, everyone gets so excited that all 'good manners' are thrown overboard. Business process analysis? Requirements mapping? Design? Source control? Forget it, we've [more]
Finding lost watch window in Siebel Tools
This might seem like strange title but it is apt for the problem that I am going to describe in this post. Few days back suddenly I lost my watch window in Siebel Tools. I didn’t matter what I tried I just couldn’t get it to open. After a bit of search online I realized that I was not alone who was suffering from this problem. There were several blogs and website that had mention to this problem. The usual solution described were Hide the taskbar and try to locate the window from behind it or try to [more]
Imagine that you have a view where you have several form applets stacked vertically. You would like to allow users to be able to navigate from top to bottom using keyboard (Tab Key). Where you would like to skip read only fields, mvg fields and some other fields. This requirement is not possible in using normal field indexing capability provided by Siebel in Siebel Tools. I had this type of situation and I came up with a small piece of code when plugged in View PR would add Tab Index attributes to the form fields that are active and allow [more]
List Applet scroll using mouse wheel – Siebel Open UI
I was going through Open UI themes a really nice site dedicated to paid themes and plugins for Siebel Open UI. While browsing the plugin section I came across a plugin that was titled Auto-Scroller Plugin. The description said that it allows you to navigate through list applet (Next Page, Previous Page, Next Record , Previous Record) using scroll action (mouse wheel scroll) instead of clicking the icon and scrolling. I really liked the idea and set about implementing it and soon I had a working PR which included in a list applet allows following behavior: If CTRL Key is [more]
We are moving away from eScript and going towards JavaScript and in future you will be writing more code in JavaScript than in eScript. I believe that eventually Oracle will dump eScript and move to pure JavaScript since it is better, faster and leaner than eScript. It becomes really important that we understand small nuisance and behavior of  JavaScript early in order write better and efficient code. In this post I am sharing few tips/tricks/useful functions that I picked from internet and my experience of working with JavaScript which. I believe these are really important/useful and will [more]
Siebel Open UI – Modify Calendar control
As I had said in my initial post about Siebel Open UI that it has a long way to go when it comes to real project implementation. This post is provides another example reaffirming my opinion. Oracle has gone ahead and replaced the Active X calendar control and legacy SI calendar control with jQuery calendar control. Unlike Active X calendar control that could be customized using user and system preferences they have provided no documentation or way to customize the jQuery based calendar control. We were asked by the client to make the changes to calendar and make Monday as [more]

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